Sustainable Development



Sustainability Education and Literacy

At Stellenbosch University, we aim to educate the leaders and policy makers of the future. As an institution, we aim to be accountable for the impact we have on South Africa and the world and to create meaningful change beyond the University through educational outreach.

Sustainability literacy

The Resilience Hub Southern Africa, an online platform that was created by The Centre for Sustainability Transitions (CST) at Stellenbosch University, hosts a collection of teaching and training materials that can be used to educate anybody on ecological resilience in theory and in practice. The Centre also has a publicly available webinar series on how to create more resilient organisations, communities, and decision-making strategies for resilience. The Resilience Hub website also curates information from around the world in the form of podcasts, publications, dialogues, and much more for anybody who wishes to learn about sustainability and resilience.

As a leading Higher Education Institution in Africa, Stellenbosch University graduated more than 5 600 students in 2021, of which 677 were at Master’s level.  

There are various qualifications that can be obtained in Sustainable Development    

Digital resources

The Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy provides free resources for schoolteachers to raise awareness about sustainability among the youth of South Africa. The Centre for Sustainability Transitions has a blog about sustainability and resilience that is an excellent source of information for anybody interested in learning about these topics. The Centre hosts webinars on various topics related to resilience and sustainability. These webinars are available online. The Centre has many other videos that are available online; on resilience, transdisciplinary insights, and other topics.

For Students at Stellenbosch University

The University has a page for new and prospective students that highlights sustainability initiatives on campus and informs them on steps they can take to be more sustainable. The EcoMaties Sustainability Society is an excellent place for Stellenbosch University students to engage with sustainability and connect with other students who are passionate about the future of the environment and our place in it. The University regularly posts articles encouraging students to adopt sustainable practices and include behavioural changes that students can adopt to be more sustainable and contribute to the green campus initiative.

For Outreach External programmes

The Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy, in partnership with the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) and South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI), implemented a Media Lab at Mugoidwa Secondary School in rural Limpopo. The Media Lab aims to help educate children in areas without access to knowledge and runs entirely on renewable energy.

Student led programmes and societies

The EcoMaties Sustainability Society is run by SU students and is committed to spreading awareness about sustainability issues and practices. The Berg and Toer Club organises hikes and trips for students to experience nature on weekends and during holidays. The Tygerberg Student Representative Council (TSRC) organised events during Earth Week during April 2021 which included an awareness campaign, a beach clean-up and discussion sessions. The TSRC also liaise with residences to encourage environmentally friendly behaviours such as recycling and limiting waste.


Stellenbosch University is dedicated to being financially transparent, especially regarding funding from donors. The Impact Report on Philanthropy and Internationalisation Activities at Stellenbosch University (2015–2021) outlines the donations that the University has received in the last seven years and lets donors know on what their money is being spent.